Advantages/Benefits of Online Society or Community Solution.

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Advantages/Benefits of Online Society/Community Solution

Comprehensive and modern housing society management software helps people as well as Business.
It is developed to assist your administration and resident holders with day to day society operations management and to give unique living experience to residents. 
Using online society management solution, the well-being of housing societies can handle the day-to-day community activities with excellent visibility.

1.Community,owner, tenant,complaint,communication,employees,vehicle, asset, income, expenses, late payment etc from one place under one roof.
From book keeping to security to data, let community/society management solution do it all rather than you spend hours staring through multiple files and end up in irritation and frustration. Gone are the days of handwritten excel sheets! Society management solution must be able to easily manage essential data that relates to owners, vendors, and tenants.

2. Building a stable society and energetic people to be part of managing committee
Your  society management solution must enable you to publish communications,news,what's new,notice and polls all on one platform so that the society members can make sure they do not miss out any important notifications and what follows is a collective and effective decision making. 
4. Encourage Communication to bridge the gap. 
Most of us don’t know our complete society members. An effective housing society management solution must allow an exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and information with other society members via group chats, polls, and events. Bringing a new level of interactivity will build a sense of community and transform stand of living in society.
5.Maintenance Payment :The management committee members can quickly send generate payment schedule to collect maintenance dues from all apartment owners.
6.Utility Collection: The transaction of maintenance/utility bill is one the most important tasks. But, sometimes they don’t get the utility bill promptly or sometimes they don’t have lots of time to pay their bills. This Society management Solution provides the truly amazing solutions in order to pay maintenance bills. This also reminds for bill payment by SMS alert/Notifications/Email. People can pay their maintenance bills using payment gateway by sitting at the comfort of their home and need not search for management people for making their payments. Even, they can also check the status of their maintenance payment and get receipt instantly.
7. Help Desk Tool: All the resident holders enjoy the benefit important/emergency contact number of  society/community, locality,area,city,state and country. Resident holders can directly contact them through mobile 24*7.
Benefits are:
  • Society Data Management
  • Reminders through email, SMS and notifications make it useful.
  • Ledger,Income and Expenditure,Bank Reconciliation,Balance Sheet.
  • Privacy and Secrecy of data.
  • Effective user-management, login-based access controls, and privileges.
  • Audit compliance GST
  • Saves members from the hassles of managing transactions 
  • Fast ,efficient and transparent.


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