6 Most Common Resident Holders Complaints ?

6 Most Common Resident Holders Complaints and How to Handle ThemWorking with societies and apartments to solve there problem and bring efficiency through mobile app we found that no matter how well you maintain your properties, some problems are still bound to crop up. And more often than not, it is the responsibility of the estate manager or property manager or administrations in the society to resolve the situation at the earliest.Here are some of the most common complaints that resident holders usually have and the best ways to handle them.1. Maintenance problemsMaintenance problem being the most common problem of most resident holders, the first step to handling such complaints quickly and smoothly should be the setting up of an effective complaint resolution system.Raise the maintenance problem by visiting directly to the maintenance office and registering it and again monitoring the complaint by calling and directly visit the office . For example, many society or facility manage…


Uloapp focus on transforming standard of living in societies digitally which used to be a manual and lengthy process. By providing widest choice, superior customer service, lowest prices and unmatched benefits Uloapp is growing on a titanic scale with a considerable amount of new users joining/registering every day. With the speed growth and development, world and area around has provided every once an equal opportunity to grow and prosper but as customers being central part who looks for creditability, confidence and conviction to carry out operation or activity. Therefore, being a believer that as a company we have created a product/service which has always moved toward transforming the lives of residential housing has itself provided a reason to believe and trust in us. Good Customers Service is the life blood of any business. Since commencement we provided a delightful customer experience through on time product delivery, training and solutions. Secondly, we operated in cities /st…

Community Billing and Accounting

Ease and transparency creates good relationship.Place the weight of keeping up your society's books on the confided in shoulders of Uloapp's bookkeeping stage, which has all the important features to improve procedures and facilitate crafted by the management panel. Dealing with your records will never have been easier. Numerous alternatives for invoice generation, capacity to catch different installment types, ongoing reports and capacity to make online installments. Occupants can see/download every one of their receipts and administrators can rapidly produce reports for installments and duty (by account, installment mode or date) and even compile reconciliation reports. Cloud Accounting Automated Invoice Generation:-
1.Raise and send multiple invoices
2.Preview invoices before sending
3.Set up recurring invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month
4.Auto-calculation of late payment charges using multiple penalty options
5.Schedule Defaulters Report to be sent …

Uloapp Visitor Management Functions

Uloapp Visitor Management Functions:
a) Visitor Management System not only focus around on tracking as well as think about administration as a key point. With these you can easily register, than customary methods of enlisting the clients at the gathering that otherwise includes the utilization of paper logs. With the utilization of Visitor Management System at the doorstep you'll have the option to flawlessly check-in the arrival of multiple guests with little time without any external help or oversight of security work force. This improves customer experience, representative’s efficiency to go to more clients without bargaining a piece as far as security.
b) Visitor Management should not be a problematic strategy. Visitor Management System keeps things direct by allowing you to customize the choices you wish while as yet assembling all the information important to make sure about your office. Regardless of whether it's only gathering names of guests that drop by.
c) Visitor mana…

Uloapp---Visitor Management

Community Gate Visitors and StaffVisitor Management is a unique and remarkable tool which provide security solution for gated community.
Visitor Authority (Residencies) Planned Visitor and Security Personnel.Residences (Owner, Tenant and Sub-users) Trustees and Managing Agents raise open request for visitors, guest, delivery etc.Request raise through list of contact available on residence mobile.Residence send request through QR code on Whatsapp or OTP on mobile message inbox for seamless communication.Residencies can also schedule visitor /guest visit plan on daily, alternative and weekly visits.Residences (Owner, Tenant and Sub-users) Trustees, and Managing Agents can smoothly raise request for multiple visitors for party, birthdays and marriage etc. in a very hassle free manner and monitor them.Security Personnel need scan the QR CODE or enter OTP received to make successful entry of visitor/guests.Security Personnel can scan visitors id’s if required for safety purpose.
Unplanned Vis…

Uloapp -- Communications

CommunicationsUloapp provides you the platform are owned by the residents is available in on need.Notice BoardEffective communication for effective resultsSet up notice notification with title, description and image or documents or excel or pdf.Send instant notification (s) to all community roles with validations.Send instant notification (s) as per building/blocks/tower (s).Send instant notification (s) to floor (s).Send instant notification (s) to unit (s).Send instant notification (s) to residency(s).Quick view of notification to all on app.Quick view on past and recent notification raised.Get comprehensive report of notice notification send.
Board roomTrusteesGet instant view to all trustees appointed at a community with portfolio.Quickly communicate with the trustees through advance chat functions.Quick view on past and recent trustees.
GovernanceCreate category, Provide description, Upload documents.Raise instant alert on mobile.View past and recent action conducted.

Uloapp Overview

Company Overview Uloapp focus on transforming standard of living in societies digitally.About Us Uloapp is India’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform Uloapp is India’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which leverages industry best solutions to help housing societies/apartments/residencies to automate data, bill, service requests, facilities, accounts, visitors and other community processes. Uloapp cloud solution integrates various dimensions of managing a residential societies/estate such as managing finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, documents etc) managing day-to-day operations and most importantly bringing the entire community together. Uloapp Accounting Management Applications help committee members/trustees and residencies achieve accurate cash forecasting, budgeting, individual ledgers and seamless bank reconciliation. Uloapp enables committee members and residencies to functions save time, energy, space and creates social interaction. Communication allows …