4 Most Common Resident Holders Complaints ?

4 Most Common Resident Holders Complaints and How to Handle Them

Working with societies and apartments to solve there problem and bring efficiency through mobile app we found that no matter how well you maintain your properties, some problems are still bound to crop up. And more often than not, it is the responsibility of the estate manager or property manager or administrations in the society to resolve the situation at the earliest.
Here are some of the most common complaints that resident holders usually have and the best ways to handle them.

1. Maintenance problems

Maintenance problem being the most common problem of most resident holders, the first step to handling such complaints quickly and smoothly should be the setting up of an effective complaint resolution system.
Raise the maintenance problem by visiting directly to the maintenance office and registering it and again monitoring the complaint by calling and directly visit the office . For example, many society or facility management companies now ask their residents to raise an online maintenance request in order to simplify the process and allow easy tracking.
Whatever the chosen mode of notification, make sure to respond to all requests promptly, ideally providing a time frame when they can expect the issue to be fixed. 
But due having online society management software it become very easy for the resident holders to raise complain through mobile app by capturing complain in real time and send it to the admin and then admin or supervisor can allocate the concerned complaint to a particular employee and track every process on the mobile app it self. 
Having,used mobile app it become very active and efficient to track and  monitor every complaint online with giving review and rating on the particular complaint.
2. Miscommunication 
 Delayed,Ignore,procrastinate can lack of communication with frustration. No one likes to deal with a administration ,estate manager ,property manager or landlord who is always unavailable, does not answer his phone calls, or never replies to any email.
Good tenants are hard to find. If you don’t respond to their issues in a timely and effective manner, you’ll lose them to another landlord who values and respects them.
But due having mobile phone with society management app now it very easy and comfortable to bring effective and efficient communication within the society through messages,chats and notifications.

3. Noise

Another common,having a  noisy neighbors. Yes, from loud parties to pets that bark continuously at night – you’ve heard it all. But many a time, the cause of the problem is out of the purview of a landlord or a property manager—yet the tenant still expects you to do something.
It is easier to find a solution if causing the problem. As a first step, try speaking to him/her directly to understand the issue. You can also ask other  if they have been disturbed by loud noises from the property. If the problem is determined to be genuine, inform resident holders that a complaint has come in against them and try to work out a solution that everyone is comfortable with.  Don’t forget to inform the  who raised the complaint that you are taking active steps to resolve the issue.
The administration  or property manager can take necessary step for prior information by defining term and conditions or by imposing fines or by general guideline lines or by bringing it to discussion at committee meetings.

4. Unwanted visitors 

Another important one is the unwanted visitors at my residence door or in the society.It become very irritating if bell rings from an unwanted visitors whom I don't KNOW.

This may be sales person or some  one doing surveys or asking for some monetary help.
This lead to the security issue for the children or person staying .

Now many resident holders have install cctv cameras outside their flat. BUT  now technology has solved is problem to a very large extent giving complete right to the resident holders to allow and reject the visitors from the main security gate itself.

Now,its our responsibility to make our society secure and clean ,which is only possible by taking responsibility on your shoulders.

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